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Pocerje-Valjevo wine region covers the area south of the Sava river and east of the Drina River. The area extends on the slopes of Cer and Vlašić mountains. The entire area is intersected by the rivers Tamnava, Ub, Kolubara, Ljig and Jadar.

The region consists of 3 sub-regions: Podgorina (the largest), Pocerje and Kolubara-Ljig. The vineyards are mainly located on southern, southeastern and eastern positions. On the slopes of Cer Mountain, there are also vineyards on the northern and northeastern slopes.

Based on 2012 data, there are 190 hectares of vineyards in Pocerje-Valjevo wine region.

Soil: The predominant soil type in the area is Stagnosol (Pseudogley), and to a lesser extent Vertisol, Fluvisol and other types of soil.

Vineyards are generally located at altitudes of 150m to 310m. The altitude of the area is gradually decreasing as it goes from southwest to northeast.

The moderating factors affecting the local climate of the area are low mountains that surround the area on the south side - Suvobor Mountain (866m) and Maljen (1103m) and on the northwest side Cer Mountain (687m). The slopes of these mountains and the hilly region in the southwestern part of the region are the main features of the relief. The northeast is slightly hilly and with flat terrains.

Grape Producers: In this wine region, 1,153 households own vineyards. The largest number of vineyard plots is found in the municipalities of Koceljeva and Šabac, while the largest surface under vineyards is found in the municipality of Valjevo.

Varieties: Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Kameničanka (Prokupac), Morava, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay


Tomislav Ivanović

Awarded wine writer, wine critic and contributor to selected wine magazines. WSET3-certified author and editor-in-chief of Member of Vojvodina Sommelier Association. Juror in national and international wine competitions. Lecturing about wines of Serbia and the Balkans. Local partner of Wine Mosaic organization. Co-founder of International Prokupac Day.

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