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ADŽIĆ WINES (Srem region)

PHOTO by Vulezvrk   Adžić Winery is exactly what is sought by all those wine-lovers who appreciate wines from small family-owned wineries, where each family member contributes with his/her efforts and hard work to creation of wines with character.

VINIK WINERY (Banat region)

  Vinik Winery was founded in 2004, as a result of joint efforts made by Nikola Cuculj and Milojko Vilotić in an attempt to create a new wine story in Vršac on the foundations of centuries-long tradition of growing grapes and wine-making beneath the Vršac Hill.

STEMINA WINERY (West Morava region)

                     The wine-making tradition continues in the Pantić family for more than half a century, largely owing to efforts made by Dr Ljubivoje Pantić from the town of Trstenik, who, alongside his medical work, decided to keep the wine-making tradition of his grandfather Živojin alive.


                For more than 150 years, Mihajlović Cellar has been cherishing tradition of growing grapes and making wines in the village of Ržanica, in Župa region. The Mihajlović family originates from Montenegro, and they settled down in the village of Ržanica in 1834.


The Minić family from the village of Tržac, in the vicinity of Aleksandrovac, has a century-old tradition of vinegrowing. This village has been linked to wine-making and wine trade throughout its history. The very name of the village is derived from the Serbian word which denotes ” a market place” where wines originating from nearby […]


  Mladenović family originates from Negotin region and for centuries, their history has been related to vineyards and wine-making. Their grandgrandfather cultivated 3 hectares of vineyards and produced about 30 tons of wine.


  Slavko Kiš is one of the most famous wine-makers in Sremski Karlovci (the fourth generation of vintners in the Kiš family), and nowadays he and his grandchildren Predrag and Tamara Crnković continue this family’s vintner tradition which dates back from 1830, the year when Stevan Kiš settled from Czech republic, bought his first vineyard […]


  Jović Winery is located in the village of Potrkanje, near Knjaževac. History of wine-making in Knjaževac region dates back to Roman times, 4th century, and there are numerous archaeological artefacts which bear witness to this (stone ornaments with motif of grapes and vine, wine cups, etc). Since those times till the present day, generations […]


  As the custom from the Austrian-Hungarian times goes, local population of Sremski Karlovci had their family “Spitzname” (family crest), so the ancestors of the Dragojlović family were also nicknamed the Dulka’s. The Dulkas have lived in Sremski Karlovci since 1880, the year when a forefather of the family settled and got married in Sremski […]


Wine house “Do kraja sveta” (Until the World’s End) was founded in 2006, when love for wines and enterpreneurial spirit of four good friends: Terence Mohoruk from Canada, Miloš Milić,Gradimir Glušica and Zoran Kaplanović, got together. The Wine House quickly became famous on the Serbian wine scene, both owing to its high quality wines and […]


Pusula winery & vineyards are owned by company Astra ITB from Belgrade. The company was founded in the beginning of 1990s. A few years ago, the owners of this company, Radomir Savić and Jovo Mikanović, made a decision to focus their creative and entrepreneurial energy onto vineyards and wine-making on his family estate in the […]


Dibonis Winery opened in 2008. Owner of the winery, Laslo Boni, is the fourth generation of vine-growing family which has its roots in Baranja region of Croatia. Laslo Boni’s wine story began after his relocation to the north of Vojvodina and purchase of a traditional countryside cottage called “salaš” with vineyard in the Palić wine […]


Dejan Stanković, owner of Vinastra Winery, converted his love of wine and grapes into a vision of a wine & tourism centre in Banat region (north-east Serbia). Name of the winery denotes “A Wine Star” – the same star which is also mentioned by the famous Serbian writer, Miloš Crnjanski, in his novel “Migrations”.

BOTUNJAC CELLAR (West Morava region)

The Botunjac Family estate, where top quality wines are produced, is situated in the village of Donje Zleginje, within Župa Aleksandrovačka region. Kosta Botunjac, the owner of Botunjac Cellar, who is said to be the best painter among wine-makers,and the best wine-maker among painters,

JANKO CELLAR (Šumadija-Velika Morava region)

Tradition and quality of Smederevo wines is faithfully preserved and cultivated by Dragan Vasić Janko, who grows the following grape varieties on 9 hectares of his own vineyards: Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Smederevka, Welschriesling, Rheinriesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot. Vineyards are located in the village of Ralja, on two estates: Taksa and Jelen Do.

ALEKS WINERY (Srem region)

Aleks Winery was founded in 1990 and it produces wine and brandy. A married couple, Nenad Ratković and Ljiljana Bjelogrlić, joined their forces in running this winery together.