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Archive: December, 2011

VINARSKA KUĆA SPASIĆ (Spasić Winemakers’ house) (West Morava region)

Grapes and wine production have been an important element in life of the Spasić family since 19th century, when the ancestors of this family first settled in Župa’s village of Tržac. One of the winery’s founders was Dragutin Spasić (1865-1956), while the wine-making tradition is nowadays continued and cherished by Milan Spasić.

KUĆA VINA ŽIVKOVIĆ ( Živković House of Wine) (Srem region)

Živković House of Wine is a young winery, but ever since its founding in 2006, it has clearly dedicated all its efforts to achieving the best quality in every aspect of vine-growing and wine-making. Vineyards are planted in the wine region of Fruška Gora, on the territory of Krčedin village, covering the area of more […]

ALEKSANDROVIĆ WINE CELLAR (Šumadija-Velika Morava region)

Vineyards of the Aleksandrović family are situated in the village of Vinča, near Oplenac, Topola.  During the Roman times, this place was known as Vincea. The medieval name of this village was Vinica, so even its name denoted the main industry of local population. The great-grandfather, Miloš Aleksandrović, was one of the founders of the […]


Tradition of family winery Radenković dates back to 1854, when Milun Radenković started wine production on his estate in the village of Trnavci. His son Gvozden followed the father’s steps and soon grew into a successful wine-maker and wine-merchant. Gvozden’s son, Đorđe Radenković, PhD, (1907-1976) graduated from the Bordeaux School of Oenology, and history shall remember […]

VRBICA WINERY (Šumadija-Velika Morava region)

Vrbica vineyards and winery, owned by Mr Tihomir Timotijević, are situated on southern slopes of Orašac Hill, in the vicinity of Aranđelovac, at the location called “Vinogradi”(Vineyards). Vrbica winery was founded in 2003, when the first grapevines were planted on the southern slopes of the hill, at an altitude of 300-350 meters above sea level. […]


Vršački vinogradi AD are in many ways unique in the Serbian wine-map.Not only that they are the biggest Serbian wine producer with an average annual production ranging between 10 and 12 million litres, Vršački vinogradi AD are also owners of approximately 1,700 hectares of vineyards situated on the slopes of Vršac Hill, at an altitude […]


The 8th International Wine Festival INTERFEST 2011 took place in the period from 30th June till 2nd July, 2011 at Freedom Square (Trg Slobode), in Novi Sad. Surely, this wine  festival holds a significant place in the calendar of wine events in Serbia.

IVANOVIĆ WINERY (West Morava region)

The Ivanović family started producing wine in the region of Župa as early as the 19th century. Upon his return from the World War I, Dragoslav I. Ivanović founded his wine-making store/brandy distillery in 1919. In the years preceding the World War II, his small company reached production of approximately 500,000 liters of wine. After […]

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MAČKOV PODRUM (Tomcat’s Cellar) WINERY (Srem region)

The current owner of Mačkov podrum (Tomcat’s Cellar) winery, Mr Sava Jojić, worked hard in order to apply know-how of his ancestors famed as vine-growers and wine-makers in the region of Irig (a town on the slopes of Mt. Fruška Gora). Combining the tradition and knowledge accumulated over generations, a cellar has sprung up with […]