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Archive: September, 2012


While leaving Belgrade, I was pondering whether the city of Niš is ready to host two wine festivals within a week. Particularly if we take into account that currently there isn’t a single specialized wine shop in this city.

SMEDEREVO AUTUMN – 03.09.2012-09.09.2012

  Smederevo Autumn is one of the oldest tourist events in Serbia which takes its roots from the specialized agricultural exhibition of grapes, fruit and wine. The first such exhibition was held in 1899 at the initiative of managing director of Smederevo Grape Nursery, and supported by Smederevo wine-makers and the Ministry of Industry.

BANOŠTOR GRAPE DAYS 31.08.2012 – 02.09.2012

  Wine-makers of Banoštor village founded in 2003 the Vine-growers and Wine-makers’ Club “St Tryphon” with an intention to help development of  wine-making and vine-growing on the territory of Beočin municipality. Since then, a big progress has been made-

WINE BALL 31.08.2012 – 01.09.2012 VLASOTINCE

  Wine Ball in Vlasotince has been taking place since 1960, with a few  interruptions. In some way, this event witnessed gradual decrease of land covered by vineyards in once famous wine-region of Vlasotince.