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SMEDEREVO AUTUMN – 03.09.2012-09.09.2012

SMEDEREVO AUTUMN – 03.09.2012-09.09.2012

  Smederevo Autumn is one of the oldest tourist events in Serbia which takes its roots from the specialized agricultural exhibition of grapes, fruit and wine. The first such exhibition was held in 1899 at the initiative of managing director of Smederevo Grape Nursery, and supported by Smederevo wine-makers and the Ministry of Industry.

After the Second World War, the exhibition was re-launched in 1960, and then the event got its current name “Smederevo Autumn”.

Smederevo Autumn is an event which celebrates garpes and wine. However, over the past years, the programme of the event has evolved so nowadays, Smederevo Autumn as a whole is a mix of various cultural/entertainment programmes, whereas many of those have absolutely no relation with celebration of Smederevo vineyards.

Concerning the segment of event which is interesting to wine lovers, the main exhibit area is the grape exhibition in the Fortress, where wine and grape producers from Smederevo villages present their products for evaluation. During Smederevo Autumn, the town’s main square is occupied by Wine City – large barrel-shaped stalls where grapes and wine are sold. Exhibited wines come to the greatest extent  from individual producers, so it is not very likely that you will come across wines of the superior quality there, yet you can focus on savouring ripe grapes.

Smederevo Autumn attracts huge crowds of tourists with its diverse programmes, but true wine lovers and admirers can only feel regret and sorrow for the past, when vine-growing and wine-making in Smederevo were at its best. Nowadays, Smederevo Autumn in its foundations has the celebration of Smederevo’s wine tradition, but this tradition is more visible as a sort of iconographic carnival atmosphere which accompanies events on the streets and inside the fortress. One doesn’t get the feel of living tradition… which would be best demonstrated with more exhibited vine-growers and wine-makers.


Sunday, 02.09.2012.

18.00h Handball match RK SMEDEREVO vs. SERBIA (Sports hall Smederevo)

Monday, 03.09.2012.

Painting exhibition “Painters to Smederevo” (Contemporary Art Gallery) – from 3rd-9th September

Book exhibition “Day of Books” (Contemporary Art Gallery) – 3rd-4th September

Hand-made Product Exposition HOBI ART (in front of Contemporary Art Gallery) – from 3rd-9th September

Photo Exhibition “Smederevo Time Machine” (Historic Archives) – from 3rd-9th September

20.00h-21.00h Art Exhibition “Magic creatures made by kindergarten kids” (City Square)

21.00h-23.00h Music performance “Banatski kicoši” (Wine City)

Tuesday, 04.09.2012.

19.00h Literary Panel “Poems written by Miomirka Nešić” (Library)

20.00h-22.00h Music performance Boban Devečerski (Danube quay)

20.00h-21.00h Concert for children (City Square)

Wednesday, 05.09.2012.

19.00h Exhibition “Blacksmith’s Alchemy” (City Museum)

21.00h Music Performance Legende (City Square)

20.00h-22.00h Concert Duo Kustik

Thursday, 06.09.2012.

12.00h Official opening ceremony of the Industry Fair

13.30h Panel discussion “Health and Safety at work” (conference hall of Smederevo City Hall)

16.00h Swimming Championship-qualifiers (municipal swimming pool)

18.00h Boxing Show – Boxing Club Smederevo

19.00h Lecture: Book and faith – we defend human dignity (National Library)

20.00h Theatre Play KOŠTANA (Small town inside Fortress)

20.00h-22.00h Music performance: band Alt (Danube quay)

22.00h Concert Zemlja gruva (City Square)

Friday, 07.09.2012.

08.00h-16.00h Medieval Cuisine Cooking Contest (small town inside Fortress)

08.00h-20.00h Souvenir and Old Craft Fair (Kralja Petra I street)

08.00h-20.00h Exhibition “Smederevo Autumn through history” (Kralja Petra I street)

09.00h-18.00h 1/8 finals – tennis tournament (Sports center Smederevo)

10.00h Swimming Championship – finals (municipal swimming pool)

14.00h Opening of exhibition – village households (Big town inside Fortress)

15.30h Smederevo toast-wine presentation (Wine City)

18.00h RK Smederevo – handball match (Sports Hall Smederevo)

17.00h-18.00h Festive procession (streets in downtown Smederevo)

18.00h-19.30h Performances by carnival groups (City Square)

19.30h-21.00h Performances by folk dance ensembles (City Square)

20.00h-22.00h Opening Ceremony of Smederevo Autumn (small town inside Fortress)

22.00h-24.00h Concert Partibrejkersi (City Square)

Saturday, 08.09.2012.

10.00h-16.00h Quarterfinals – tennis tournament (Sport Center Smederevo)

11.00h-13.00h Children’s Painting Workshop (Little town inside Fortress)

16.00h Water Polo Tournament – Quarterfinals (Municipal Swimming Pool)

12.00h-13.00h Program for Children (City Square)

13.00h-17.00h Performances made by folk dance ensembles (City Square)

17.00h-18.00h Concert – Traditional Music Department of Music School (City Square)

18.00h-21.00h Folk Dance Concert (City Square)

21.00h-21.30h Performance by Svibor Knights (City Square)

12.00h-17.00h Symbols of medieval capital (Little town inside Fortress)

17.00h-18.00h Knight Tournament (Little Town inside Fortress)

18.00h Basketball match KK Smederevo (Sports hall Smederevo)

19.00h Literary-drama panel about wine (Wine City)

20.00h Folk Music Concert (Little town inside Fortress)

22.00h Folk Music Concert (City Square)

Sunday, 09.09.2012.

10.00h Basketball match (OŠ Sveti Sava)

12.00h Award ceremony at the Industry Fair (Pavilion by the railway station)

14.00h Semi-finals and finals – tennis tournament (Sport Center Smederevo)

16.00h Finals – Water Polo tournament (Municipal swimming pool)

12.00h-13.00h Children’s programme (Republic Square)

13.00h-19.00h Performances by Folk dance ensembles (Republic Square)

20.00h-21.00h Performance by Svibor Knights

12.00h Fish broth cooking contest (Danube park)

20.30h Concert Folk Music band Zlatopis (Little town inside Fortress)

19.00h Concert Dance ensemble Kolo (City Square)

22.00h Concert Amadeus Bend (City Square) and fireworks

Below, we give you a selection of photos from Smederevo Autumn 2011….