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In 1880, in Banat region, on the road heading towards Mesić monastery, a wine cellar “Helvetia” was built by a Swiss wine merchant Bernard Straub. With capacity of about 10.000 hectoliters, it was one of the biggest wine cellars in the Balkans in those days, and the city of Vršac was the hub of wine-making which served as a starting point for wine merchants and dealers who exported Banat wines to Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Trade with Banat region wines used to be a lucrative business partly owing to the fact that vineyards of West Europe had already been infested by phylloxera, while the Banat region was still saved from phylloxera outbreak.

And just like those days in the 19th century, when the Serbs and the Swiss worked together on promotion of Serbian wines, so did we, at the beginning of the year 2012, commence writing this story about Serbian wines. A meeting and friendship between a Serb and a Swiss gave birth to vinopedia as you see it now.

Our intention is to promote Serbian wine and Serbian wine-growers and wine-makers through vinopedia, to prove to everybody that Serbia is the land of both brandy and wine, to depict in a glass all the richness of climate, fertile soil, wisdom of generations who inhabit these regions, history.

Allow us to present ourselves as wine-enthusiasts and wine-lovers who respectfully continue learning with a lot of zeal and effort about Serbian wines and retell the story about them. We aim to spread the wine culture and give our contribution to affirmation of Serbian wineries and cellars.


                          TOMISLAV IVANOVIĆ                                                                               BAPTISTE MATOSO
Born in Požega in 1978. Arrived onto Belgrade’s cobbled                  Born and raised in the Swiss region of Valais,
streets when he started his English language studies at                   the main wine region of Switzerland, from where
the Faculty of Philology (Belgrade University), and it still                     1/3 of total wine production of this country comes.
remains an unexplicable  mistery of life how he ended up                This region is famous for growing grape varieties
as the Head of Management Board Office in a local bank                  Chasselas, Pinot Noir, Sylvaner and Gamay, as
here.                                                                                                               well as local autochthonous varieties such
He set off on the life journey believing that what you learn                  as Cornalin, Humagne Rouge and Petite Arvine,
and discover about others can teach you                                                but taking into account that Baptiste is greatly
important things about yourself. Love of foreign                                   fond of Serbia and Serbian people, he enjoys
  languages and cultures has led him to more than                             discovering wines from Serbia as he finds them
30 countries so far. There he got acquainted with wines                     delightful to the heart and soul. Baptiste is at
of Italy, France, Austria, USA and other wine countries                         every step full of  sincere love and praise
and figured out that Serbia also deserves to show its                            for Serbia. Currently, he works in a Swiss bank,
wine treasure.                                                                                                   but he spends all his holidays and every
 As the time goes by, his friends have started                                          moment of his free time in Serbia. And gets
 consulting him and asking for advice when they need to                      annoyed because he doesn’t find any Serbian
buy wine or open a bottle with friends. So, he finally                            wine in a supermarket in his street in Lausanne.
decided to bring his idea about vinopedia alive and share
it with you, thus helping not only his friends but also
all other people who are eager to learn and get
acquainted with wines from Serbia. Meanwhile,
he also become a member of Sommelier Associations
of Vojvodina and Serbia and continues his quest for
wine identity. Having completed WSET3 studied, he also
ventured in judging numerous international and regional
wine competitions across Europe (Concours Mondial de
Bruxelles, IWCB Romania, Vinaria Bulgaria, etc). In 2016,
Vinopedia won the Millesima Blog Award as the best
European wine blog covering the topic of wine and food
pairing. In 2017, another article written by Tomislav was
shortlisted for the Born Digital Wine Award.